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6th Annual International Freeskates Event China in the books!

Huge thanks to JMKRIDE China and all the Team’s from China for hosting such an amazing event! James Li, Jarkey and the Freeskates federation of China did an amazing job with this event.

Mattie was interviewed by KUSI 51 news

Co-Founder Mattie Tyce getting some airtime on local San Diego news talking about Freeskates and JMKRIDE!

Cruising the boardwalk

Spreading the JMK love teaching people to freeskates is what it’s all about!

US Team rider Lance Lynn

Check out US Team rider Lance Lynn with a sick skate park sesh

JMKRIDE Mattie Tyce Cruising the PB Boardwalk

Check out JMK Pro Mattie Tyce cruising the PB Boardwalk in San Diego.

JMKRIDE & Survivor

JMKRIDE and the amazing Survivor team have joined forces to bring you kick ass skating together! Survivor team brings a group of China‚Äôs best, most influential, and, of course, best looking riders pushing the limits of what free skates can do. JMKRIDE will be sponsoring the entire Survivor team who […]